About Us

JIAN is the combined talents of Kalia Firelyte and Ashur Constantine to create fun, whimsical, highly detailed and almost always animated digital goods within Second Life. 

Often our work involves animals of real world or fantasy nature combined with decorative landscaping, home and/or worn accessories or ride-able mounts.

Please be advised that, while on rare occasions we may make exceptions to this statement, we generally do NOT work on commission or custom projects for individuals or groups for mesh modeling, textures, animations, scripts, programming or anything else that we do for our own work. While we'd like to help everyone who needs it, we simply do not have the time in our day to do so and still work under our store brand to the quality standard we hold ourselves to.

In the real world, we're just humans with an affiliation for critters.

Here are some of the critters who are the real all-stars behind Jian~